Die Hausfrau aka graphic designer Mette Falk
Die Hausfrau aka graphic designer Mette Falk. Passionate at work as well as a devoted wife and mother of three.

Graduate from the Danish School of Media and Journalism (the earlier Graphic Arts Institute) in 1997. Over 20 years experience from advertising agencies and graphic design bureaus.

Since 2005 self-employed as Hausfrau, working from home for the first 6 years. Now working part time from home and 2-3 days from the designstudio RHG3 in Copenhagen. Great place with a lot of talented fellow designers of all kinds. Read more about RHG3 here – we also solve team assignments.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information.


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Materialet er blevet ekstremt positivt modtaget, og rost af alle de samarbejdspartnere vi har haft kontakt med fra boligforeninger og sagsbehandlere til præster, politi og journalister.