Poster and flyer for the project vilikkeforstyrres
The project website,, made in WordPress. Just one page with a 3 picture slideshow
Poem made by a resident in Socialpsykiatrisk Center Åstedet in Hørsholm Kommune

A social psychiatric campaign sponsered by Psykiatri på Tværs and run by Socialpsykiatrisk Center Åstedet i Hørsholm Kommune og Region Hovedstaden Psykiatri in cooperation. Target group is people who know someone, who have isolated themselves and might need psychiatric help without being able to ask for it themselves, as often is the case.

Key point is the isolation – hence the “Don’t disturb” (Vil ikke forstyrres) door hanger, which is to be distributed selected places in Hørsholm Kommune. Contact is made easy with just one phone number, email and QR code to the website ““. No responsability attached.

The illustration for the project is done by my colleague at the RHG3 studio – illustrator Toril Bækmark. Perfect personal style for the subject!